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The Best Document and File Manager

The best document and file management app in the App Store. It integrates with all your cloud servers and iCloud. It even has a browser that allows you to download files and save them to your device, which you can later access through any web browser. One of my favorite features is the ability to annotate pdf documents. If you have an iPad or iPhone, this is a must have! It ties all the other cloud servers together in one easy to use app.


This is program real top

It’s a perfect app for everyone

You can connect it to your Pc And transfer any date you like

Feature Request

1.) If possible add multi tab browser. 2.) Better Download resume capacity. 3.) Add mega and other most used cloud storages. Thanks for a good software.

BESt App of All Time

So Happy to hv Such developers in App store Keep it up👍

One feature I’d like to see 👁

Bookmarks for audio files. I have folders full of MP3 audio files and I listen to them sequentially, but there isn’t a way to bookmark where I was. Please consider adding this! Out of thousands of apps I've tried, this is in the top five. Essential

Best thing on AppStore.

Best thing on AppStore whether you're watching video, reading PDF, or listening to music.

Nice way to organize

I seemed to have files everywhere. This gave me a nice way to see where they all were and organize them as time let me. Over the years, it’s hard to get everything all together. This app is great especially when you have gone from iOS to Windows and back again. What a challenging job that is! This app makes it a streamlined operation.

iCloud sharing

I have 2 devices and I need a synchronize in all devices, like what we have in “note” application

Nice app

All of my documents and musics are now in this app and i really enjoy it every day❤️

Great but confused

UPDATE CAUTIOUS BUT OPTIMISTIC THERES A LOGICAL HARMLESS REASON So I’m updating my review because something weird is up with this app. The app is only 117MB & I only had 314MB of video & music in app & yet when reviewing storage on my phone it shows the app as taking up 11GB!!! At first I thought there must be an error with my phones ability to read the storage on my phone except that I deleted the app & 11GB of space opened up on my phone? I downloaded the app again because I love it & now it’s only taking up 117MB of storage. I’ll keep an eye on it but I’m genuinely confused has it stored everything I’d ever had in it even once I deleted it? I the can’t think of anything bad to say about this app any issue I’ve ever had is resolved through a email with app developers and they gave me the instructions to fix and it worked. I wouldn’t change a thing and I’m honestly waiting to find a flaw cause how can this be free without a catch & truth be told it’s one of few apps I would be willing to have purchased.

Like it

Best 👍🏻



iPod library has been deleted

There isn't iPod library in New update. Please bring it back

Imágenes de portada

Me gustaría que a la música que descarguemos desde YouTube, se cargue con la portada de la canción ya sea del artista , así como en Spotify . para que identifiquemos más fácil cada canción y artista .

Music Player

Es el reproductor más feo que h visto en mi vida. El anterior estaba mejor. En verdad QUE FEO.


This app is one of the best apps you could use to download videos. I can listen to music without wifi and listen out of the app as well. I just hope there’s an update where I can listen to music while looking for another song to play inside the app.


Awesome app, I have used this app for around 4 years now and this app has worked great and come a very long way. Although when I play audio files, the slide bar is a bit too close to the edge of the screen and is hard to move, but that is an incredibly minor issue. Other than that there have been no immediate issues that I have noticed, and I use this app every day. Thank you for putting together a great app for organizing and editing files on iphone. Best app I have seen for this sort of stuff. Keep it up!


Me encanta muy simple y efectiva. Además de ingeniosa.


I really love your apps. Constantly updated, and they work flawlessly together. This is my favorite, most used one. Appreciate your work Story , app constantly crashes after update . Please fix

Best App

I love this app. I can download anything and listen to my music without internet, the new features are pretty good. The only thing I wish to happen in the future is to put photo albums or picture for the music instead of a pink picture with a ‘m’ on it.


You guys should add a equalizer for the music and the app is really enjoyable

Excellent app

One of the best apps out there for the true professional. Will benefit with a couple of additions to the functionality of the same. 1) Add support for multi file zip decompression, meaning the application should be able to understand the zip, z01, etc. Sequence and uncompress all the files in the containers. 2)Add support for mega as your cloud additions, this will provide a great benefit for your current base of users. Either way best solution out there if the developer could implement this things will be willing to paid for those.

Fix photo album file

I can’t save my downloaded videos into my photo album why? Please fix it I liked it how it was before!

Improving functionality

Nearly a complete opener. Accesses most flavors of cloud based storage. Reader offers to open any and all files in its resident reader or in Pad and Phone apps. It is missing a true AFP connect/hook into my home network to the NAS server and to the other Macs on my home network. Frequent updates and enhancement produced a very useful reader and content creator

The app is good but..

So i love the app it’s amazing it helped me a lot but i updated it and now I can’t save the videos to the photos why???can someone please help me!

Like it

Really useful

Usefull app

This is the best app in ios i ever seen Usefull ,easy sharing, have your own playlist, Details of the files, easy for downloading, in this update also you have recycle bin and don’t sceard of deleting any more


i honestly love this app so much because it can do so many different things! it had a built in browser, music player, pdf reader, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! i use this on a day to day basis and i’m so glad i do.

Fallo en mi iPhone 6

Cuando tengo música puesta en la app y bloqueo el phone luego que se acaba la pista que estoy escuchando no sigue reproduciendo, por favor chequear eso please

Wonderful! One suggestion

Love this app! One suggestion though: please make tagging more versatile. Right now, tagging only consists of pre-defined colors - the ability to create and assign our own word tags would take this app over the top!

Really excellent app

Excellent for reading, writing, watching, listening, storing! These people really thought about everything needed in a library

Nice ... bet a big disadvantage

Everything is very godd ... but don’t have a strong video player ... it cant plat 4k HDR videos ...

Excellent app!!

Best app to download all types of documents!

Very good

Awesome 😍

After update to 6.4 version

Music player doesn’t work anymore landscape mode ☹️ very disappointed

Amazing app

Can’t say more, it’s an amazing app!

New updates bring nice changes

First i had an issue when I installed this update, not playing any files audio or video, couldn’t share files or delete. But after a phone restart its working now. An excellent changes to music player. Loved it Recently deleted folder is a great new feature Would love to see: - multiple tab on browser for iPhones - folders lock with touch ID or face ID - convert downloaded video to audio within app - slide down video just like how it slide down the audios. So far this app is one of my favorite and the best file manager for ios for both ipad and iphone ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cant wait to see your next big update

Go Documents

If stuck in the woods, a Swiss Army knife is all you need to get out of a sticky situation. In the digital world, ‘Documents’ is what you need get our a sticky situation. The ability to change and/or convert file extension in mere seconds and actually work as it should be is impeccable. You need this app on your phone.

Love the new update

The new music library is an amazing thing you have done in the new update But its still missing something i think you should add “all music” A bottom near audio library which shows all the music in the app In this way you can play and shuffle all your music whithout changing the folder I wish the best for you And your app is the most important app in my iphone Thansk alot

My Music

Great App for putting my weekly music in one folder, and being able to listen to the sound track and view the lyrics at the same time!!

It just keeps getting better and better!

Love the new update, the new music player is really smooth, clean and has good functionality. Please add dark mode option.

SMBv2 or v3 pls

Cannot connect win10 smb

Oke banget

Oke banget

Download Trouble

Why it doest download videos anymore ? Instead requests for downloading another app !!!!

Mega cloud

Good app after buying pdf expert app. Thanks for latest update 😍 We wish add Mega cloud to the clouds that can be added as box or google drive


Con esta nueva actualización la app quedó más bonita y más práctica

Looks nice but I kinda like old fashion

This looks nice and cool but I like the old version where there wasn’t any delete file and all. I hope in the future you guys make a convert to old version or keep the new one option. Like in reddit or something like that. Great app keep doing what you’re doing and don’t do what Snapchat did.

With every update it gets worse

As i updated i noticed new problems every single time. First was where you couldn’t fast forward to the next song. Now it won’t play/ load to play the song . Trash ..

Can’t Recommend This Enough!

The iOS has always needed a proper file manger: this one. The biggest thing I use Documents for is for listening to music. Because of the latest update, the music interface has been completely revamped and finally supports fast forward and rewind with Apple EarPods! (I like it better than the default music app) Thanks so much, Documents developers! I seriously needed this app!

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