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Thanks for this app

You are amazing

5 years strong!

Had this app for 5 years now. Absolutely stellar way to keep all my music in one spot. Thanks for 5 years of great music playlists.


So it works good but when I go to the internet it says that Iam not connected to the internet

Love this

I've been using Documents for over a year and I love it. Very friendly and easy to store and access documents.

Pretty straightforward, simple but great application.

I listen to music, alot… Almost every day, and the main problem I have with streaming media is that I hate ads. This app not only helped that problem, it also allowed me to download whatever I wanted to. Another great asset of this app is that if you downloaded music you can go offline and still listen to music. Minimal problems such as not having a button to make a folder is the only thing I have an issue with, other than that everything else has a pretty solid interface If I would grade this more accurately this would be a 4.8 stars. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


Awesome quite fabulous it’s dashing with superb!!!₹₹₹

Can’t download

Soooo I had this app since 2016 and all of sudden, I can’t download anything.....

Beautiful App

So good I recommend you using it right now !

Doing Great!

very useful, thank you🍀


Perfect... But Work more on downloader plzzzzzzz...stop and resume etc..🙏🏻 Schedule download🙏🙏🙏🙏

I love it but...

For some reason most of the albums that I keep in the app that I have downloaded will get randomly deleted and I will have to redownload them. Other than that this app is fantastic!

Downloading An Audio Don't Work

It works before this update until now the audio went installed to 11KB. I'm so disappointed, please fix this!


This app really helpful.

I’m having difficulty accessing the document 6 browser

I cannot even fin the document 6 browser

Very easy to use and support to user in smart

Thanks for useful to me


I have felt like a puppy dog pressing his nose against the store window trying to get sounds from Freesound downloaded on mobile. After about six years of colossal nuisance this app has come to the rescue and let me transfer sounds I want to use from that site to my other creativity apps.


These apps are great,Better getting better with the new update

Please add the Arabic language to the program

ارجو اضافة الغه العربيه اللبرنامج

Improve music player , dark theme

There are two weaknesses in this app: 1- You can improve the design of the music player and make it more beautiful. 2- Normally there is no dark theme


I can’t play the music I’ve downloaded anymore !!! What is happening 😰😰

A wonderful App

A great way to store and listen to messages from conferences!

Una de las. Mejores App

La mejor aplicación para gestionar archivos

All ads

All I’m getting is pop up ads

No longer for music

I used to just be able to download music videos and lyric videos and listen to them while my screen was off, but with the newest update I can’t!! I’m so glad I’m getting my new android next week.


When I’m trying to download a yt video and when I press download it brings me to this weird site about “how about you buy this?” And it’s pissing me off😭😡🤬

This is awesome 😁

I love this app soooooo much 😍🔫. I love music and I practically listen to music 24/7. And I got other apps and had to pay 😪🙄😒. But this you download videos from anywhere! Instagram, YouTube, and more. At first I thought this app was trash 😂 but I figured out how to use it and it’s amazing. Since I travel to Mexico on my breaks from school, I don’t always have service(I never have WiFi) and this app runs with or without service 😍💖♥️‼️, and of course you have to download the videos when you have good service or WiFi but when you do it’s shows the video and the audio the same as if you were watching it on YouTube.

I used it before..

... and was considering using it again till I saw the reviews about the app consuming large amounts of storage space. Don't want to Getty involved in that, so until that gets fixed I'll stay away.

Should upgrade the web browser

Best file manager, PDF reader, Gallery manager in appstore.

Stop music

Hi, when the lock iphone is stop music

Great App

I've loved all of the versatility of this app for a while now, and I can't really think of anything that can beat it at what it does. I mostly use it to listen to music, and because of that the only improvement I can think of would be to add a method of repeating the same song or playlist again because I've only been unhappy with having to leave what I'm doing to rewind my tracks.

Love it

Is easy to download videos to put on your WhatsApp status and much more I would give it 6 stars if I could. 👍👍👍👍👍

Document 6

Love it

You should get this app!!

This app is awesome because it helps me put music to iMovie btw you should download also it’s like honesty the best app ever! If you hate it you should quit the act!!

Works correctly! But is.... Sketchy?

At points certain things that pop does seam... Sketchy. I personally use this app to download free music from youtube using the website, works like a charm but I always click off and avoid the pop up adds


All my life I was trying to find an app that u could download music on I’m so glad and happy keep up the good work


Very complete app

It’s Great But This will make it better!

It would be great if you had an equalizer for mp3 files, Hope to see this in the near future, other than that, this is a great app, Thanks to the dev

Missing option

Is there an option where you could change the pitch, too? If so, then I would REALLY appreciate it if you did.

Great App

I love this program! Very flexible to my needs!

Best app ever


You are the best

Evvvvvvrytime for ever you are the best. Thanks for new update👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️🌸🌸🌸🌸😍😍😍😍😍


Can’t download YouTube videos anymore. Please fix this problem ASAP!

This is seriously a life changer (or at least device changer!)

WOW!! I don’t know off hand when this was first developed, but I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I finally, on a whim, did a few searches and found this app referenced in a few articles. With my luck, it’s probably been around for a long time and I just never found it, saw it, or whatever. Stop what you are doing, now, and download this. If you have any other Mac device with files stored on it, you need this. So you know how I use this ... I have an iMac, a MacBook Pro (2013) and a networked file server. I recently bought a new iPad for a lighter solution than my older MacBook Pro. BUT ... I was limited in what files I could access, store, save, etc. UNTIL NOW! I can now access all my files on all multiple devices, at least when I’m at home. I can create Word documents and save them to my network. I can open files created on my iMac on my iPad, edit them, and move them from the iMac to the network. I can move files from the network to my iPad to work on (I don’t have a home VPN just yet). It was easy to set up access to the network files, and so far seems secure. I haven’t done major “penetration testing,” but it seems to work as I need it. While I haven’t set it up yet, it is also nice that it has Google Docs and DropBox integration, so I can access all files from one single application/interface. I kid you not - this application truly opened up my iPad’s functionality to let it replace my Mac laptop. And I’m sure there is more functionality I’ve not yet found, but I am sure to find it soon as I play around with it more. To the developers: Kudos! Great app!!!

Best Application

Its a best application which is exist is app store I don't know how they make money but its awesome

Horrible! Changes Airdrop Settings !!!

Warning this stupid app changes your Airdrop settings to default to this app. Even after deleting the app it now just says Get App. There is no way to default Airdrop to store into Photos. It has to use this app. It really is annoying!!! Horrible.

Melvin Ramos

Tengo problemas con la aplicación se cierra cada ves q está en funciones abiertas

Can't download videos anymore

I can no longer download videos from YouTube or Facebook... What's the matter?

Problem with hidden files

When I transfer my saved files to my mac, all the files are hidden! I don’t have a option to change files attributes!

Move to photos

I don’t have this option

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