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It brings me to random websites

I mostly use documents for downloading music and videos but sometimes when I try to download some things it brings me to random websites and today when I was downloading something it brought me to a dating website, it does this at random times.


I find it incredibly helpful to annotate documents when I read them. I think I've tried all the apps that do this. Documents has been and remains my favorite. It just works. Addition: wrote the above previously. Still feel the same way. Excellent for reading, annotating and analyzing documents used during legal research. Also for sorting and scoring so can find them again. A third addition: I continue to have the same positive opinion about using this app. STILL LOVE BUT NEED HELP WITH PROBLEM: when annotating a document, I can't control text size. I'll be underlining a phrase, for example, and the whole page will get larger or smaller because somehow I've triggered something which changes the size of the text. This is annoying, and I just can't figure it out. Couldn't find answer or send question from website, so am putting it here with hope for response.


Is there a reason I can’t upload files ive downloaded to iMovie?

Can’t transfer music to iMovie anymore


I’m disappointed :(

I have had this for a long time on my iPad and iPod before that, but now I’m in search for another thing like this because I can’t download anything without a bunch of ads kicking in, I never had this problem until I made an account to download things faster. This app once was really great but now I’m sad because I can’t download music or anything because of all the ads :(

One suggestion

I use this app to download videos from youtube or twitter. Though, I don't get the option to save one video to my camera roll; I'd need to select two videos to get that option. Please change this as it is an inconvenience.

disappointing — cant rely on it for work.

It works, then it doesnt. They roll out a fix, it works, until it doesn’t. Deleted, thanks.

Usually Five Stars

I’m having the same trouble deleting files on my iPhone 7. Two step deletion doesn’t change the space being used by the app. After deleting a several random files totaling around 2gigs (both steps), and then clearing my browser cache and history, I tried restarting my device to see what the space usage looked like: I GREW. by about 600megs. WTH?!? Something ‘spicious going on here. What gives?

The app stopped working?

The app just freezes and shows a white screen? Nothing is working

Video player is weak!

All things is very good but Video Player should be better!! And we can transfer all data an PC !!

New update = back in action

New update fixed the issues with opening the app, we’re back up and running. This app is an alternative to iOS’s restrictive file management system.

What has happened???

I had no problem using your app on my iPhone for a very long. I had no problem saving video from YouTube until today. I can't get into Save From Net either way. I have tried just entering Save From Net as a search in the browser in the Documents app. And I have tried entering the actual website address of Save From Net. I seem to get redirected to some other website or a big message comes up about updating Flashdrive. What is going on?????

Fix now

Every time I download a video link it keeps redirecting me to somewhere else every time how do I fix that please help.

Read please

There is no option to open in why is that

Crashes after update Aug 14,2018

After today’s update the app flashes on the screen then closes. Please fix, this has been a great app. I did a shutdown and restart. Still crashes. I can access my files through iOS Files. Update: problem fixed next day

Love this app it’s helpful!

I love this app a lot! I would recommend it for apps if you want to add music to them. ( At least that’s what I do )


Please try to add a cast feature to stream Documents content to TV or Projector using Google chromecast or equivalent.

The best media player ever

I just wanted to thank the developer for this amazing app.

Good app but...

Whenever I download a video it redirects to a link and then Apple Music. Can you make it so that it doesn’t redirect to said link?

the bast app in the world

I gives 5 stars

Always takes me to music when I try to download videos

So everytime i try to download music, i always takes me to the music app. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothings happening! Pleaaaase help!!


The best file manager. Tks


Version 6.5.3 Constantly crushes after update on iPad Pro 9,7


I am a big music guy, and when I found this app existed, I was thrilled. It is the only way I’ve found I can download music on YouTube for free! With Spotify, there are ads and premium is not free. However, with Documents, I can download any song from any video game soundtrack I want, something I cannot do on any other platform. Thank you so much to all the app developers and managers!


Readdle why do I have to download televzr to download music now? I don’t want to have to download another app to download music when the way you guys had it before was literally perfect.

the last bad update

the lastest update is not working with iphone 7

No longer works/ They fixed it

Documents was good, but no longer. Eats all your free memory. Reloaded it and it starts all over eating your memory. Copy's everything you open to a place you cannot see or delete. Ver 6.2.1 was fine, Ver 6.5.1 duplicates everything you open and adds them to a secrete file. The only to stop it is to delete the program. They fixed it! Works good again. 9-2018.

0. that’spp

I’ll y

Great app must have.

Seriously, if you use your iOS device anything like a computer you need this app.

Download problem

Love this app but one problem!! Often stops a download in process so you have to re-download. Please FIX this!

Can’t Move downloaded files

So when I download a video from it won’t let me move it to my photos. Any suggestions?

Music(need some improvement)

Hi,all I want go say is I absolutely love this app but there are few changes that can be done that will really improve this app.first I like to download musics online from YouTube and so is it possible to make it so that we could actually create playlist.secondly is it possible to change the picture of the music once it is downloaded like the picture that will show up when your phone is at the lock screen .thirdly ,is it possible to transfer the musics to apple's music .like the build in app for apple users ,because that way I could use my songs for my alarm and stuff. I hope you would consider my request thank you .


Is completely frozen with a blank white screen not responding to the touch

Saving issue

When I go to on Documents, I cannot save anything. Every time I save something it does not save and will not let me play the video or save it to camera roll. I would appreciate if this problem was fixed because I am an editor (I make edits and post them) . :)

Only 5 stars ?

I'd delete iBook if I could, THANK GOD for Documents !!! Appreciate your program ! Keep a library on iPad & am always using Docs


The only problem I have, is that sometimes the the feature to skip backwards in a video by 10 seconds doesn't work.


Gracias por el App!!

Fix it please

ماعم ينزل اغاني كان ينزل ولكن فجاءة وقف ومعاد ينزل I tried to download music but it didn’t work I don’t know what happened

Best iOS File Manager

This is an awesome file manager however it would be wonderful if it was possible to lock a certain folder within the file manager!

Best app

My favorite app for manage files & doc

Absolutely amazing!

If you hate the official apple files app as much as i then this app is for you

Loc Docs❗️

Was So Sad to see the Video capture feature Leave😢

it won’t work for me

so i think this app is great but for some reason every time i try to get a song for iMovie, when i have to download it it’s supposed to be 720p. but it’s just 720 idk why but it always says it cannot be uploaded to iMovie and i do not know how to fix it !

Pop up ads

I used to be able to download videos from YouTube so easily but now I can’t because stupid ads have to pop up every time I try. I would be so happy if this could get fixed!

I can’t believe this app!!

First it worked and it was very excellent but know I can’t even use it because there is ads and it won’t let me download anything I’m gonna delete it if you don’t fix it !!

Has become a forum for smut pop ups

Used to load cleanly and work flawlessly. Was a very good ap. Now it updates without consent (no auto updates enabled), popups are pure smut when you launch it and unable to connect in most cases now to YouTube.


I’m trying to edit a YouTube video and all I’m gitting is spam and amazon scams plz fix this

Great app!

I think this is a great but the only thing is that it uses up a lot of your storage!

Not working

Whenever I try to download a video, it downloads but when I open it says “Unable to play video”


An amazing app with an amazing support quickly and readily helping to solve an issue

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