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Its an original good app that ALMOST never lags. Its very usefull if you wanna listen to music and its free aswell. I gave it five stars because not only does it carry documents (PDF, Folders, etc), it carrys mp4, mp3 for audio and video.


This has been the best tool to store all my books

Love this app!

I use this to organize files on my iPad. I love it. Very easy to use and it just works.

Somethings wrong

I have been using this app for awhile but for some reason its not letting me download music? Ive tried multiple times downloading stuff but it keeps on saying " request failed". I dont know if its the website or its the app

When I download a person song like Michael Jackson it say request failed

What happened

I used to download music on this app now its saying "request failed"?


It was good until I couldnt download anything else but its a great tool


I used the app to get music? but then it stopped letting me download things. Everything I would get would say "download failed" or something like that. I even deleted everything and the app and I cant get it back. Please help??


Let me extract a zip and let me browse a offline archive of a website.

I chose this over GoodReader

I started out using GoodReader for keeping local copies of PDFs for my study materials. I thought that app was pretty nifty and I was happy with using it, despite its power user quirks and not being able to figure out how to get synced folders not overwrite instead of duplicate. Then I remembered I had Documents and have it a shot. I already had purchased Readdles Scanner Pro and PDF Expert so I had full capability from the start. I realized both apps fulfill the same need and spent time testing each one, specifically how my Workflow would be with documents stored in a WebDAV folder and needing to have local copies even if I had no internet, plus testing the PDF markup capabilities. Both have their own way of handling the available PDF tools, but I found the interface and "simplicity" of Documents more appealing. So, I moved everything from GoodReader and havent missed it since then. I spend all day looking at documents and numbers. I dont like my apps to feel like a technical paper.


This is my first app review and Id just like to say that Documents has been so convenient, easy to use, and handy. Id rate it 10 stars if I could!!

Best app

Ive been using this app for quite some time and it is AMAZING. It is as close to the Finder in the Mac as you can get on iOS. Being able to manage documents, download files from websites and even zip and unzip documents. I thought the Files app in iOS 11 would destroy this Documents app, but while I am public beta testing iOS 11, I find Im using Documents still. Its just so far ahead of anything else out there right now, and if you use Scanner Pro and PDF Expert they work seamlessly together. I love this app and use it on a daily basis. Very happy with the app and would highly recommend, plus its free! Which is even more amazing. Good job Readdle.


This was a very good app until a few days ago I tried downloading a song and it told me "error 404 file not found" ever since then nothings changed and it still wont work please fix this, I love your app when it works


A great way to stay organized and know exactly where important docs are located.


Idk why but all of a sudden it wont let me download music. When I do it always says failed. Why does it do that?

Not reliable

Ive had this app for 3 months now, its worked perfectly and I use it mainly for music. But now when I download music it says "request failed." Ive reset my phone and saved my account hoping it would save the existing files. So I deleted it and tried again. Didnt get my files back which may have been my fault but when I tried downloading music it still says "request failed." Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Great Document Mangement

This is a great document management app. Easy to use and intuitive.

Solid Viewing

Crystal Clear, Ease of Viewing!


This is one of the best app! Thanks

I would give it 5 stars but.......

The app is not letting me download anything anymore.

Good app

The app is amazing and what I use for downloading my music but the download tab in the browser isnt working and is preventing me from downloading my music it needs to be fixed other than that I enjoy this app

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